Scroll down for SwimRI and South County Y practice details and to the end for info about other pool practices.


SwimRI @ East Providence Boys & Girls Club  in East Providence
FALL SESSION (Labor Day thru Nov), WINTER SESSION (Dec thru March), and SPRING SESSION (April to mid June) @ indoor, 5-lane, 25-yard pool: Tues/Thurs 5:30-7:00am, Wed/Fri 5:30-7:00am, Sunday 7:30-9:00am.

This group consists of intermediate to advanced swimmers. Most workouts are written and led from the water by swimmer-coaches Trent Theroux and Albert Garcia. Kaan Duru writes the Wednesday workouts.

Fall Session: $200 for 3x/week, $150 for 2x/week, $100 for 1x/week.
Winter Session: $200 for 3x/week, $150 for 2x/week, $100 for 1x/week.
Spring Session: $160 for 3x/week, $120 for 2x/week, $100 for 1x/week.
Drop-in Fee: $10/practice. One free drop-in allowed for locals to gauge if good fit before joining.

PAYMENT: Cash, check made out to East Providence Boys & Girls Club, check to Albert Garcia, or Venmo to Trent Theroux.

CONTACTS: Trent Theroux at info@trenttheroux.com and Albert Garcia at ag@kitearchitects.com. For schedule updates ask Trent to add you to their email list and follow the SwimRI Facebook Group.

SwimRI @ Kendbrin Swim & Tennis Club in Riverside, East Providence
SUMMER SESSION (mid June to Labor Day) @ outdoor, 10-lane, 25-yard pool: Tues/Thur 5:30-7:00am & Sun 7:00-8:30am. Practice will be canceled if there is thunder or heavy rain.

$150 for 3x week
$110 for 2x week
$70 for 1x week
$10 drop-in fee.

PAYMENT: Cash, check made out to Kendbrin Swim & Tennis Club, check to Albert Garcia, or Venmo to Trent Theroux.

Summer Open Water (informal group swims) @ Barrington Beach: Wed/Fri 6:00am & Sat 7:30am if not preempted by a swimming race/event elsewhere. No swimming fee, but beach parking charges apply 8am-6pm.

Contacts: Trent Theroux at info@trenttheroux.com and Albert Garcia at ag@kitearchitects.com. For schedule updates ask Trent to add you to the email list and follow the SwimRI Facebook Group.

SwimRI @ Pods Swimming Aquatics Center in East Providence (map)
Not an official practice. Some SwimRI members arrange small, ad hoc workouts by coordinating their lap swim reservations. On weekdays, Chuck Barnes and Mat Card meet regularly at noon for a one-hour, swimmer-led workout.

You may register for lap swim onsite but are encouraged to pay online. $50 monthly facility membership ($30 for seniors) or $75 for 10 visits or $10 drop-in fee. Lap swimming M/W/F 7am to 2pm and Tu/Th 6am to 2 pm.
Contacts: Pods Swimming Program Manager - jamie.pascale@podsswimming.com or (401) 337-5678.
SwimRI - Chuck Barnes at charlesfrancisbarnes@gmail.com or (508) 733-3100 or Mat Card at mathewcard@gmail.com or (401) 545-8467.
SwimRI @ Brown University in Providence (map)
Not an official practice. SwimRI members Chuck Barnes, Mat Card, and others meet at Brown's Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center pool most Tuesday evenings for a small, informal, swimmer-led workout from 7:00-8:15pm during evening lap swim. See Nelson Fitness Center's Membership webpage for facility entry fees.

Contacts: SwimRI - Chuck Barnes at charlesfrancisbarnes@gmail.com or (508) 733-3100 or Mat Card at mathewcard@gmail.com or (401) 545-8467.

SwimRI via AnglerFish Aquatics @ Cumberland High School in Cumberland (map)

Coached Masters practices Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:45am at this 6-lane, 25-yard pool. $10 cash or $8 Venmo per visit. Contact: Jeffrey Miksis at anglerfishaquatics@gmail.com or 401-632-2744.

We attempted to resume weekly Saturday workouts at CCRI for the 2022-2023 season but, despite strong past attendance, new school policies and requirements proved insurmountable. We may try again next season.
Masters Coach: Dr. Stuart Cromarty at swimlane4consulting@gmail.com or (401) 316-1230
Click here to view CCRI's public lap swim schedule.


SwimRI @ Kent County Y in Warwick.

Practices: Mon/Wed 7:00-8:00pm and Sunday 9:00-11:00am in a 4-lane, 25-yard pool. Contact: Christina Lorenson at swimmingveterinarian@gmail.com.

Kent Y pool practices go on hiatus during July & August and restart in September. Contact Coach Christina for information about group open-water swims at Potters Cove in Jamestown.


SwimRI / KingfishRI Swimming @ Roger Williams University Aquatic Center in Bristol (map)
Masters practices deck-coached Mon/Wed 5:45-7:00am and swimmer-led Friday 7-8:15am in this nice 25-yard pool with 8 wide lanes. Fee: $75/month. Drop-in: $10/practice. Community pool memberships available. During the school year park in Lot D.

Base Freestyle Intervals: A group 1:30/100y, B group 1:45/100y, C group 2:00/100y. Lanes can adjust their interval as needed. New members welcome. Generally speaking, this program's training emphasis rotates between Distance, Kick/IM, Strength/Power, Sprint & Threshold Race Pace.

For more information, contact SwimRI member Jim Porter at jimkporter3@gmail.com.

The Masters program director is Matt Emmert, Aquatics Director & Head Coach of RWU Swimming & Diving and Performance Director of the Kingfish Rhode Island USA Swimming Club.

Annual Masters Swimming events at RWU include the HAWKtoberfest Alumni & Masters Mini Meet in October, SwimRI-organized heats of the USMS 1-Hour Virtual Championship in January, and an occasional stroke/skills clinic.

SwimRI / KingfishRI Swimming @ St. George's School's Hoyt Pool in Middletown.
Starting June 6, 2023: Deck-coached Masters practices Tues & Thurs 6:00-7:30am in this 8-lane, 25-yard pool. Open to Masters, college, and recreational swimmers ages 18 & up seeking quality, coached workouts. USMS membership encouraged but not required.

$55/month for 2 practices/week or $10 drop-in fee per practice. Cash accepted on deck for drop-ins only. Monthly registration via credit card or check: https://bit.ly/swimri-kingfishri-masters

Kingfish RI is expanding its USA Swimming Club, Swim Academy, and SwimRI-affiliated Masters practices. This St. George's School venue is in addition to (not replacing) existing Kingfish & SwimRI programs around the state.

Our goal is to establish a consistent, long-term Masters Swimming program at this venue that grows over time. We may add more morning, evening and/or weekend practices based on demand, so spread the word!

SwimRI @ Newport County YMCA in Middletown
Tues/Thurs 6:00-7:00am, Wednesday at 4:00-4:45pm (not dedicated Masters lanes), and Sunday 9:45-10:45am. Small, informal, swimmer-led workouts attended by a few SwimRI members and others.

Limited space (~8 spots per day). Reservations required: visit www.newportymca.org and click Facility Reservation to reserve a spot up to 72 hours in advance.

FEES: No extra fee for Y members. Non-member walk-in fee: $13.00. Guest fee with a member: $10.

Swimmers at the weekday morning Masters practices are generally faster than at the Wednesday and Sunday practices.

Contact: Emily Cush at emilyc@newportymca.org or (401) 847-9200 x108.

SwimRI @ Newport Navy Lobsters, Naval Station Newport John H. Chafee Fitness Center, in Newport (map)

Evening Practices: Tues & Thurs 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in this 6-lane, 25-meter pool. The coaches and some of the swimmers are SwimRI (NEM-SWMR) members.

Fees: $3 for DoD civilians, $5 for guests, free for active duty military, dependents and retirees. Check in at the front desk to obtain a single-use pass or 30-pass punch card ($80). Credit or debit only (no cash).

Base access: If you do not have base privileges, contact Mike Garr at (401) 741-7193 to arrange to be driven on base or, if you know a participant with base access, you can attend as their guest.

Contacts: MWR facility coordinator Rachel Meyer at rachel.m.meyer@navy.mil or (401) 841-6628
                  Mike Garr (SwimRI), mikegarr@msn.com or (401) 741-7193


South County YMCA workout group in Peace Dale, South Kingstown (map)

FALL & WINTER-SPRING SESSIONS: Mid Sept thru Dec, Jan thru May 23. Tuesday/Thursday practices from 6:00-7:15pm and 7:15-8:30pm, Sunday from 9:00-10:30am and 10:00-11:30am. Five-lane, 25-meter pool. Subject to capacity limits. Y membership + approx. $200 session fee.

Max of 3 drop-in visits per person per semester at no cost. Drop-ins must fill out a waiver at the front desk and contact Coach Fred Bartlet in advance to confirm there is space and determine which practice you should attend.

Most of these swimmers affiliate with the USMS-registered South County Y Masters (NEM-SCY) workout group team.

Contact: Coach Fred Bartlett at swimtrirunman@aol.org or call the Y at (401) 783-3900.

SUMMER SESSION: June 6 (est. date) through August. Informal off-season practices Tues/Thurs: dry land 5:30-6:20 p.m. in the gym + a swim workout 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the pool. Written swimmer-led workouts, no on-deck coach. For more information, contact NEM-SCY member Dennis Quelch at quelcher@gmail.com.

During warm weather months many of these swimmers train outdoors with the Narragansett Ocean Swimming Enthusiasts group informally organized by Coach Fred (see open water groups).


SwimRI-Connecticut Aquatic Club Masters @ UCONN Avery Point Athletic Center in Groton (map)

You must be a member of U.S. Masters Swimming or USA Triathlon to attend these practices. Several swimmers who practice here affiliate and compete with SwimRI (NEM-SWMR).

Aug. 29, 2022 through July 2023: Coached Masters practices 5:30-6:45am Monday (distance free), Wednesday (IM, speed, race pace), Friday (IM, stroke). All abilities welcome. Average 2,500 to 3,500 yards per practice. Each morning there are 3 to 4 lanes available for Masters in this 6-lane, 25-yard pool.

Fees: No annual fee for Masters swimmers. $45/month for 2 practices/week, $65/month for 3 practices/week. Or pay the $8 drop-in fee via cash or Venmo. To join this practice group, click here and follow the directions.

Contact: Coach Jon Caswell at joncacswim@gmail.com.


Katherine Coleman Moran Aquatics Center, Brown University, Providence, RI. This pool is the best in Rhode Island. There are no formal Masters Swimming workouts here, but a few SwimRI members (led by Chuck Barnes and Mat Card) regularly practice here during lap swim Monday evenings 7:00-8:15pm (see above listing). Lap swim is short course yards during the school year and long course meters during summer. Online pool schedule. Online membership & guest pass portal. Aquatic Manager: Paul_Crevier@brown.edu or 401-863-5318.

McDermott Pool, Warwick, RI. Tue/Thur 8:00-9:00pm. Old long course meters pool which to our knowledge is always set up short course yards. Not affiliated with USMS. Coached workout led by Ian Muir. For more info call (401) 738-2019 x (press 2 ) or email warwick-rec@warwickri.com.

Adirondack Club, Franklin, MA. Small group practices Friday @ 6 a.m. + other ad hoc weekday practices. Contact: SwimRI member Steven Pohnert: steven_pohnert@yahoo.com

Bernon Family YMCA (NEM-HOCK), Franklin, MA. USMS-registered workout group of New England Masters Swim Club. Contact: Mark Bernasconi, mbernasconi@ieee.org

Gleason Family YMCA, Wareham, MA. Coached workouts Tue/Thur 6:15-7:30pm. Contact: August Baker at bakeriq@bc.edu or (781) 600-4331 or Danielle Gilmore at DGilmore@ymcasc.org or (508) 295-9622 x16.

Click here to view open-water swim groups.