Primary contacts for local swim practices:
See the Pools page.

SwimRI website and Facebook admins:

Douglas Sayles at
Frank McQuiggan at

NEM is a nonprofit organization, the largest USMS-registered regional club in the country, and the parent club of SwimRI, South County Y Masters, and dozens of other USMS-registered workout groups throughout New England.
NEM President: Tracy Grilli

The New England LMSC is a nonprofit subordinate of USMS that serves as the regional governing body of Masters Swimming in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
SwimRI members on the NELMSC Board:
Douglas Sayles
NELMSC Membership Coordinator & Past Board Chair
Chair, USMS Colonies Zone & LMSC Development Committee
(401) 633-5756

United States Masters Swimming:

USMS is a national, membership-operated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides membership benefits to over 60,000 Masters swimmers across the country. USMS and its 51 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSCs) provide direct support to more than 1,500 USMS-registered clubs and workout groups.

To view/contact key USMS national office employees, click here.