1/13/2019 Hour Swim Results & Reminders

Recap of USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship heats at Roger Williams University on 1/13/2019:

  • Full results are listed below. Everyone must submit your yardage online by March 8. Do it now before you lose your split sheet. Every yard counts toward the New England Masters Swim Club (NEM) total!

  • 47 NEM members (43 SWMR, 2 SCY, 2 NMEG)

  • Aggregate yards = 183,595 (8,290y more than last year)

  • Average yards per swimmer = 3,906 (~10y more per swimmer than last year)

  • Notable swims:
    • Rob Allen, aka Rob 2.0, most yardage men
    • Matt Alford, 2nd most yardage men & highest male first-timer
    • Sarah Dombrowski, most yardage women
    • Merin Troutman, 2nd most yardage women
    • Jessica Bailey, highest female first-timer
    • Gillian Langton, 4,250 in 2017; 4,350 in 2018; 4,525 in 2019
    • Trent Theroux's 1 x 4,000 individual medley!
    • Matt Hull, just recently did his first-ever coached pool workout

  • Great Comebacks:
    • Tim Morse (fuck cancer)
    • Vince Burks (fuck injury)
    • Stephanie Winslow (nice return to 2013 form)
    • Mary Gurchiek (improves with every splash)
    • Brian Fulling (first competition in 14 years)

  • OHPS First-Timer Kudos:
    • Women -- Jessica Bailey, Maddy Behan, Angie Bonin, Mary Gurchiek
    • Men -- Matt Alford, Jonathan Cooper, Majed Elturkmani, Brian Fulling, Matt Hull, Andrew Kelsey

  • Best Synchronized Swim: Jill Lancaster & Gillian Langton

  • Most Incredulous Accomplishment: Heat 3 doing the Hour Swim in under an hour ;)

    • Honorable Mention:
      • Fred Bartlett's South County Y swimmers. Everyone Fred trains beat last year's yardage total -- Kim Raymond, Lorraine Miller Horton, Rob Allen, Vince Burks.
      • Connecticut swimmers. This Jon Caswell-coached contingent was both enthusiastic and impressive -- Merin, Sarah and Brian all handily surpassed 4,600 yards.
    • $1,134 donated to the RWU college swim team ($164 more than last year)
      • Thanks to Coach Matt Emmert for hosting and the RWU college team for counting!

    • ~25 people attended a fun post-swim lunch at Aidan's Pub.

    • Total yardage betting pool results
      • 12 guesses, $60 pot, winner takes all
      • Winner: Matt Gilson (under by 1,195y)
      • Albert Garcia (over by 3,605y)
      • Andy Kelsey (over by 6,405)