5th Annual SwimRI "Stuffies vs Steamers" Dual Meet & Team Party - Nov. 19th

Our 5th Annual SwimRI "Stuffies vs Steamers" Intrasquad Dual Meet will take place on November 19th at Providence College's Taylor Natatorium in Providence, R.I. Warm-up is at 3:00pm. The meet runs from 3:30 to 5:30. $20 per person payable at check-in, and there is a 40-swimmer cap. RSVP to trent.theroux@jwu.edu.

For insurance purposes, all swimmers must be USMS members. SwimRI members of all abilities are welcome.

This event is a high-school-style dual meet where each swimmer races 1-2 individual events and 1-2 relays. The team lineups and races you swim will be determined by the captains -- Doug Sayles for Stuffies and Trent Theroux for Steamers. Each year the victorious team has been determined by the last relay, and the series stands at two wins apiece. This is a family friendly event, so bring friends and family to help time and/or cheer.

By tradition, the losing team buys the first round for the winners after the meet at Ladder 133 Sports Bar & Grill, 133 Douglas Avenue, Providence. Most people stay for dinner and some bring their families.

1. Jessica Ackerman
2. Gary Alpert
3. Jillian Beveridge
4. Angelina Bonin
5. Erin Briskie
6. James Burden
7. Vincent Burks
8. Mathew Card
9. Stefanie Carter
10. Lynne Czech
11. Chris Doppke
12. Chris Dockray
13. Paul Dow
14. Kaan Duru
15. Majed Elturkmani
16. Sara Finati
17. Matthew Gilson
18. Neil Greenspan
19. Michael Gregson
20. Bart Grimes
21. Stephen Imbusch
22. Jeff Kosiorek
23. Jill Lancaster
24. Gillian Langton
25. Brian McKenna 
26. Seann Mulcahy
27. Keri Nappi
28. Donna Neuendorf
29. Bruce Novis
30. Ron Patrissi
31. Mark Rafferty
32. Alexis Santoro
33. Douglas Sayles
34. Jillian Schneider
35. Paul Senecal
36. Steven Sluter
37. Tracy Smith
38. Trent Theroux
39. Connor Wallace
40. Sara Finati (sub for Liz Welch)