NE-LMSC & USMS Colonies Zone Short Course Meters Championship Meet

Friday-Sunday, December 13th-15th @ Boston University and Saturday team dinner at Boston Beer Works (61 Brookline Avenue, opposite Fenway Park). SwimRI is the defending medium-size team champion. We focus on getting as many SwimRI swimmers as possible involved in relays and into the National Top 10 relay rankings -- relay team age classifications at meters meets are determined by the sum of the ages, not the youngest swimmer's age. All relays are submitted as deck entries at the meet. Unless you inform Frank otherwise at, we will assume that everyone entered in the meet is available for relays on the day(s) you have entered individual events and that anyone swimming on Saturday is also attending the team dinner.

The online meet entry deadline is 11:59pm, Monday, December 9th:

2012 Meet Results