January 22nd Hour Swim heat assignments at RWU

Heat assignments for the 2017 Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship on January 22nd
@ Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island (48 swimmers = 2 per lane x 8 lanes x 3 heats):

Check-in and warm-up open at 8:00am. Cost is ~$15 per swimmer (additional donations accepted) cash or check made out to "Roger Williams University." Proceeds benefit the RWU swim team -- those college swimmers will count/time for us.
We have rented the pool and, barring emergency, expect all 48 swimmers to honor their commitment.
This is a USMS-sanctioned event. All swimmers in the RWU heats must be current (2017) USMS members affiliated with New England Masters Swim Club. You may swim whatever stroke(s) you wish, at whatever pace you wish, continuously or with rest breaks. However, you must read the event rules before swimming and officially enter your results online after swimming. 
Lane assignments will be posted onsite. "Workout" swimmers listed above will be positioned side-by-side. Bruce Novis is bringing the Heat 1 workout for him and Sara Dinardo. Donna Neuendorf is bringing the workout for the seven Heat 3 workout swimmers identified above. As far as I know all other swimmers are doing continuous swim or their own thing and will be positioned in proximity to other swimmers of similar ability to the degree possible. Lane assignments will be posted onsite.
Everyone is invited to post-swim lunch at Aidan's Irish Pub.
Thanks, and please direct any questions to douglas.sayles@swimri.org or (401) 633-5756.

New Year's Weekend Practice Schedules

Saturday 12/31: 7:15 a.m. at St. George's School in Middletown (pool opens at 7:00), and 8:00 a.m. (pool opens at 7:45) at CCRI-Lincoln.

Sunday 1/1: No formal practices. Possible impromptu morning practice at Newport Athletic Club.

Monday 1/2: 7:30 a.m. at East Providence Boys & Girls Club.

See Locations & Schedules for more details about these practice venues.