2014 Columbus Day Pavilion-to-Pavilion Ocean Swim (& Kayak/Paddle)

WHEN: 9:30am, Monday, October 13, 2014.

WHERE: Start in Newport by First Beach's Pavilion off of Memorial Drive. Finish in Middletown by Second Beach's Pavilion off of Sachuest Point Rd. See route, instructions and safety warnings below and on Facebook.

BLUE 3.1 MILE ROUTE: Start at the First Beach pavilion, swim toward the Cliff Walk's 40 Steps, turn left and swim east across Easton Bay toward Tuckerman's Point, round the Point keeping the land on your left and the off-shore reef on your right, then swim to the Second Beach pavilion.

PURPLE 2-MILE ROUTE: Start at First Beach pavilion, swim toward Tuckerman's Point, round the Point keeping the land on your left and the off-shore reef on your right, then swim to the Second Beach pavilion.

SAFETY: Wear a wetsuit and bright cap. Swim with one or more "swimming buddies" who keep track of each other from start to finish. Swimmers of similar ability should stay together and, if necessary, stop to get your bearings and regroup, for instance at 40 Steps and Tuckerman's Point.

KAYAKERS & PADDLE-BOARDERS are welcome and needed to help safeguard swimmers. This is not a formal event, so swimmers who want/need kayaker escorts are responsible for bringing their own. Highly recommended for slower swimmers.

PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK: This event is an annual, informal group training swim among friends who are strong swimmers with ocean swimming experience and who have previously swam this route. Other strong swimmers are welcome, but please note that it is not a race, it is not sponsored or sanctioned by any organization, and there are no paid lifeguards or officials (unless some show up as volunteers). Do not participate unless you are confident in your swimming ability in the ocean. Escort kayakers are recommended (bring your own). There may be high surf, strong currents, cold water temps, low visibility, rocks/reef or other adverse conditions. For much of the swim there is no easy or nearby exit from the water. See forecast weather/water conditions at MagicSeaWeed.

PARKING: Meet/park no later than 9:00 a.m. by the pavilion at Second Beach's main parking lot (not the surfers end lot) and carpool to the start at First Beach or park at First Beach and get a ride back afterwards.

GROUP PHOTO at 9:25 a.m. before entering the water.

POST-SWIM BRUNCH/LUNCH: Tickets Bar & Grille, 15 Aquidneck Ave Middletown, RI 02842.

SwimRI Dominates 2nd Annual Newport Sharkfest Swim (Again)!

Congrats to Rock-Paper-Scissors, Triton Lightnin' and Triton Schmiton for completing a SwimRI clean sweep of the 2014 Newport Sharkfest Rochambeau Cup team competition. Kudos to SwimRI's Brian McKenna and Albert Garcia for their one-two punch in the overall individual division, the SwimRI ladies for doing what they do (kick ass) and to everyone involved. By all accounts, it was a fun morning in downtown Newport with a strong SwimRI turnout, lots of enthusiasm, camaraderie and good-natured, intra-team rivalry. Thanks to SwimRI's Laura Schmitt for once again arranging free food & beer at The Landing Restaurant & Bar. Most importantly, thank you all for supporting Clean Ocean Access, a grassroots nonprofit that does great work under the leadership of Dave McLaughlin, who is a good friend to our local swimming community. See event photos / results.

Summer Practice Updates

SwimRI-Triton moves outside July 22nd: Sun/Tue/Thu @ Kendbrin pool, Mon/Wed/Fri @ Barrington Beach.
SwimRI-South County indoor practices resume in September; most of that group is now training open water.
SwimRI-Bristol practices are suspended at least through July while the RWU pool is under repair.
See Locations & Schedules for more SwimRI and other pool and open-water practice info.
Brown University's pool will reopen in long course meters configuration starting June 26th (no formal practices).

Triton Practice/Construction Update

Per Coach Albert, there will be no Wed/Fri 8:30-9:45am practices at East Providence Boys & Girls Club until further notice. There will be 7:30am practice on Sunday 5/11. The status and location of Triton's 5:30am weekday practices are on a week-to-week basis until we transition to the Kendbrin outdoor pool for the summer, so be sure to closely monitor team communications/updates. To be added to the Triton email list, contact Albert at ag@kitearchitects.com. For more practice info see Locations & Schedules.

More Saturday Practices at RWU

Coach Matt or Coach Colin will hold 7:00-8:30am Saturday practices on 5/10 & 5/24. No practice 5/17 due to commencement. Coach Kasey's Thursday 6:30-8:00pm weekday practices will continue through May and her Mon/Wed 6:00-7:30am practices will end for the season in mid May. The RWU pool will be closed for repairs for at least 8 weeks starting 5/29. More info at Locations & Schedules.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

FRIDAY NIGHT SWIM FIGHTS: Informal, grassroots adult swim meets. On deck registration only. $5 for swimmers and spectators. Proceeds benefit after-school programming at the Boys & Girls Club. We'll run four individual events and two relays per night. Max two individual swims per swimmer. Relays built by lottery to promote fun and getting to know each other. Top three men and women of individual events will swim finals - same night. Open warm up from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Hope to be done before 9:00. After party at Cappy's Hillside Café immediately after - about 500 yards away. Two Fridays are planned. If it catches on, we'll add more Fridays in the future. Contact: Michael "JJ" Richards at mjjrichards@gmail.com.