Naval Station Newport practice schedule returns to evenings

SwimRI-Newport Navy Lobsters @ Naval Station Newport
Coached practices Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:00pm at the six-lane, 25-meter John H. Chafee Pool. Base pass required.

This group caters to DoD employees and their families, and includes some non-DoD civilians. To make arrangements for non-DoD civilians to get on base for swim practice contact or (401) 741-7193 or attend as the guest of someone with a base pass.

Most of the coaches are USMS-certified and SwimRI members. Some swimmers are SwimRI members, most are not. Written workouts are available to morning swimmers during lap swim hours without coaching or dedicated lanes.

Contacts: Mike Garr (SwimRI), or (401) 741-7193
                  Rachel Meyer (MWR aquatics head), or (401) 841-2268
                  Bob Nelson (SwimRI), Diann Uustal (SwimRI)

Join SwimRI's team for the 2018 Save The Bay Swim!

Click here to join SwimRI’s team for the 2018 Save The Bay Swim and help us support and protect a healthy Narragansett Bay. This 42-year-old event is a 1.7-mile fundraising open-water swim across the channel from the Naval War College in Newport to Potter's Cove in Jamestown, Rhode Island. This year's Swim will take place on August 4th.

Anyone swimming, kayaking or raising money for Save The Bay is welcome to join our team. This year we're honored to welcome Save The Bay Ambassador and former Olympian Elizabeth Beisel to our SwimRI team. We always take a team photo in SwimRI t-shirts before the Swim, and often hold a team social event later that day.

For the past several years the SwimRI team and its predecessor (the former Newport Athletic Club team) has been the largest team at this event, both in the number of participants and the aggregate funds raised -- usually $20K to $40K.

Your participation will help support Save The Bay's mission to protect and improve Narragansett Bay as a swimmable, fishable, healthy waterway that is accessible to all and recognized as the natural treasure it is.

Save The Bay defends the public's right to use and enjoy the Bay and its surrounding waters, and it fosters an ethic of environmental stewardship among people who live in or visit the Narragansett Bay region.

Save the Bay's leadership, staff and volunteers support an ecosystem-based approach to environmental action:

  • The Narragansett Baykeeper, Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper and South County Coastkeeper act as watchdogs to ensure the Bay and its watershed is protected.
  • Educators keep the public aware of the importance of our waters and teach good stewardship.
  • The policy team works with state and local governments to pass laws that protect the Bay and keep lines of communication open with lawmakers on the importance of environmental action.
  • The habitat restoration team restores and improves the ecological health of coastal habitats and watershed areas.

Click here to join our SwimRI Save The Bay Team. You do NOT need to be a USMS-registered Masters swimmer. However, if you're interested in our SwimRI Masters swim team and social network check out the rest of this website and our Facebook page or contact

2/11/2018 Hour Swim Results & Reminders

Recap of SwimRI's USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship heats at Roger Williams University on Sunday, February 11, 2018:

  • 45 New England Masters Swim Club members (42 SWMR, 2 SCY, 1 UNAT)

  • Aggregate yards = 175,305
    • Average yards per swimmer = 3,895.67

  • Notable swims:
    • 4,975 -- Rob Allen, aka Rob 2.0, most yardage men (+ 5,180 on 1/21 at St. George's School)
    • 4,775 -- Albert Garcia, 2nd most yardage men
    • 4,675 -- Kaitlin Wilcoxen, most yardage women & highest female first-timer
    • 4,595 -- Eric "Aqua Hydrate" Burtchell, highest male first-timer
    • 4,580 -- Jill Lancaster, 2nd most yardage women
    • 4,490 -- Trent Theroux, all backstroke!

  • Total yardage betting pool results (18 guesses, $90 pot, winner takes all)
    • Winner: Wayne Grover (off by 325y)
    • Albert Garcia (off by 450y)
    • Rob Torgerson, aka Rob 1.0 (off by 505y)
    • Matt Gilson (off by 695y)
  • $970 donated to the RWU college swim team
    • Thanks to Coach Matt Emmert, the RWU college team and SwimRI volunteers & family members for counting/timing.

  • ~25 swimmers, volunteers & family attended a fun post-swim lunch at Aidan's Pub.


RSVP list for USMS 1-Hour Swim at RWU on Feb 11, 2018

Below is the RSVP list to date for local organized heats of the Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship on February 11th at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. 48 swimmers = 2 per lane x 8 lanes x 3 heats. Click here for details on how to participate.

Confirmed swimmers:  48
Remaining open spots:  0
People on waiting list:    0
  1. Jessica Ackerman
  2. George Alexandre
  3. Rob Allen
  4. Jill Beveridge
  5. Catherine Brunell
  6. Eric Burtchell
  7. Stefanie Carter
  8. Steph Cotsonas
  9. Lynne Czech
  10. John Dickmann
  11. Sara Dinardo
  12. Chris Dockray
  13. Chris Doppke
  14. Lynnette Dow
  15. Paul Dow
  16. Kaan Duru
  17. Theresa Ferreira
  18. Daniel Force
  19. Brian Franco
  20. Albert Garcia
  21. Jeanne Garr
  22. Mike Garr
  23. Matt Gilson
  24. Neil Greenspan
  25. Bart Grimes
  26. Wayne Grover
  27. Rita Hansen
  28. Steve Imbusch
  29. Jill Lancaster
  30. Gillian Langton
  31. Kathy Lewis
  32. Tom Manfredi
  33. Jen Morin
  34. Seann Mulcahy
  35. Donna Neuendorf
  36. Bruce Novis
  37. Jim Porter
  38. Mark Rafferty
  39. Lisa Rauschert
  40. John Roccabello
  41. Jillian Scheider
  42. Doug Shemin
  43. Elliot Silva
  44. Don Sorterup
  45. Marianne Teixeira
  46. Trent Theroux
  47. Rob Torgerson
  48. Kaitlin Wilcoxen

To be added to the waiting list, contact

We ask all confirmed swimmers to honor their commitment. However, we can often accommodate swimmers from the waiting list due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances that require previously confirmed swimmers to drop out.